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Be part of a billion dollar industry. Freight brokerage business is regarded as the leading growing sector in the transportation industry. Trillion dollars of freight awaits to be moved and massive income awaits successful agents.

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Do you want to:

  • Get started in freight brokerage but has no experience?
  • Be part of a billion worth industry?
  • Earn huge figures?
  • Gain financial freedom?

If you answered YES, we can help you get started with the right freight agent training program!

What is a freight agent?

Freight agents move freight under the brokerage name and license requirements of a freight broker. Freight agents connect shippers and manufacturers to carriers. Agents work independently and receive a commission from each load moved. How much you earn depends on how many loads you move.

Want to know how we manage to earn massive income from being a freight agent? Learn this and more from our Freight Agent Training program.

Why become a freight agent?

This is the industry that has no limit. As long as there is consumption and production, there will be freight moving. As long as there are businesses who sell products and people who consume them, there will be a demand for transportation of the products. And freight agents control the move of these freights.

If you are looking for a rewarding business opportunity that not only pays the bills but takes money off your worries, you came to the right place. ASANI Global is ready to train you to become a freight agent. You could start earning 6 figures income without the need for huge start up investment!

Let us help you become a successful freight agent today…

Whether you are a freight agent who wants to learn more, carriers interested in having freight brokerage department, or someone who wants to become a freight agent, we’ve got all the freight agent training you’ll need – from brokerage laws to contracts, starting and managing your own brokerage business, and learning the ins and outs of the industry.

Get trained under successful and experienced freight broker. ASANI Global offers extensive Freight Agent Training. We are a professional freight broker with an impressive track in the transportation industry. The brokering strategies you will learn from us have been proven and tested to generate the best returns.

Our objective is to produce freight agents that are the greatest in the industry. We will be your trainer, model, and guide through our tailored training programs.

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