We train individuals to become successful freight agents. Will you be the next?

Learn the trick of freight brokering and achieve financial freedom at the comfort of your home. Be a freight agent today.

Who We Are

ASANI Global is a leader in freight brokerage and has established a successful track in the industry. We understand the freight brokerage industry from the grounds up. We are headquartered in 1968 S Coast HWY, Suite 843, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 and has remote bases all around the United States. Our team is composed of experienced freight management and routing specialists, freight brokers, and freight agents. If you are looking to be trained in the industry, you certainly came to the right company.

We envision ourselves as successful middlemen who build connection among people, businesses, and communities through logistics. We aim to be on the top of our logistics game – and we’re not far from it.

We work under the core values of continuous improvement, operational excellence, nurturing environment, network retention, and efficient execution. We put high value in trust, integrity, and respect within the company. Be a part of our training today – call us at (818) 284-4627.

Why Choose ASANI Global?

We want to share our success with you. Our Freight Agent Training Program aims to provide individuals a kick start in their freight agent career. No experience and expertise needed! We’ll teach you everything we know after being in the industry for many years – exclusive knowledge we wished we knew before we started in the business. You’ll get first hand advantage over your competitors as you are learning the secrets of the industry from a company that has succeeded in it.

We developed a program that will train you to become not only a freight agent but a successful one. It’s different being an ordinary agent and an extraordinary one. With us, you are not just trainees but partners. And ASANI Global has a reputation of delivering the best service and guidance to all its partners.

Our guarantee is that once you complete our freight agent training courses, you’ll be ready to plunge in the brokerage industry like a champion that you are!

Why We Created the Freight Agent Training Program

We produced the freight agent training program because we want you to have:

Access to comprehensive freight agent training course that covers everything you need to know about freight brokerage from licensing, operations, and even sales and marketing.

Advantage of a competitive rate for the course. We guarantee that you’ll get the most training for the price you pay.

Deeper understanding of the industry as our training modules are formulated by the best and seasoned freight brokers.

How Does This Work?

If you are ready to become a successful freight agent and start a rewarding career today or want additional information.

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