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We at ASANI are the bridge that creates success for both carriers and shippers. As the market leader in freight brokerage, we bring lucrative shippers and exemplary carriers together, guaranteeing exceptional results for all parties involved.


Being the logistics company that offers a service at the forefront where Carriers, Agents and Shippers benefit through responsible management, committed to the rules and safety of workers. Satisfying the needs of all those who are part of the workflow process.


Positions as the leading company in the freight industry, making our standards are the highest and thus grow in the markets being recognized by our values.


With a team of experts and skilled agents in the industry, we ensure that quick and easy communication among shippers, brokers, and carriers is always present for a successful freight contract. Proper communication makes it easy to keep things organized. The flow of information should be seamless and all parties involved should have complete access. Our solutions come with a plethora of tools that allow real-time tracking of every facet of the freight. Each and every member of the team will have no problems monitoring each stage of the freight process.

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