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Be part of a Freight Agent Training Program that produces excellent results. Start your financial freedom journey today.


You’re one step closer to achieving financial stability and professional fulfillment. Learn from the very best in the brokerage industry. ASANI Global offers a comprehensive freight agent training course that is so intensive you’ll be ready to take on the industry fully equipped with the right knowledge and techniques.

Our guarantee is that after completion, you will not just be a freight agent but a very successful one!

We are sharing with you training courses produced by expert brokers. You’ll be an expert freight agent after the course.

Ready to start your new career as freight agent?

You don’t need previous experience to start your freight agent career. As long as you want to earn and be successful in this field, we’re here to train you.

ASANI Global is a leading freight brokerage company that has an established name in the industry. Driven by the objective of sharing our success and how we managed to be on the top of the freight brokerage industry, we created the Freight Agent Training program to help individuals who want to have the opportunity to be part of a fast-growing industry.

Our training modules are created by top freight brokers who have many years of experience in the industry. The training you will get is a product of hard-earned learning throughout the years. This is the reason why we are so confident that you will be very successful as a freight agent after training with us.

Train at your own pace.

Our online courses are tailored to meet your exact needs. The training modules are available 24/7. You can train at your own pace. There is no rush! The only thing that will be speedy is your income. Become a freight agent now and before you know it, you will already be earning 6 figures or even more! There is always room for success and improvement in this industry.

We cover all the information you need. At the end of the program, you will know the industry from the grounds up. We will not let you miss anything. Our courses cover everything about freight brokerage from start to finish – contracts, start-up, and operations, motor carriers, freight equipment types, freight dispatching, finding freight, government freight, safety checks, resources, insurance, shippers, sales+teams, and sales+review.

What makes our Freight Agent Training program different is that we teach you everything that we’ve learned over the years of brokering. Ours is not just theory but experience.

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