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Our Freight Agent Training program lets you start and finish the course at your own pace. You can do the course at the comfort of your own home or office. Our training courses are created by seasoned freight brokers. These are all you need to be successful in the freight brokerage industry.


If you are looking for a business that will give you financial security and freedom, this is the course for you. Our Freight Agent Training courses will teach you what it takes to break into the billion dollar transportation and shipping industry. You will learn the ins and outs of the business, the strategies to be successful, and the how-tos of making it to the top of the brokerage industry.


This course covers everything you need to know about setting up contracts for your freight brokerage business including the carrier/broker agreement, load of confirmation, bill of lading, rate agreement, contract labour, invoices, contract of carriage, and more. You will learn all legalities required when you enter the business.

Start Up & Operations

This course discusses the basics of starting the freight brokerage business including setting up office, incorporating your business, licensing, factoring, record keeping, guidelines for freight brokerage, and creating websites and domains. You will learn the trick of the shipping and transportation trade.

Motor Carriers

This course includes useful information in selection of motor carriers, shipper and freight agent responsibilities, protection measures, evaluating carrier safety, compliance rules, marketing freight to carriers, freight rates, and more.

Freight Equipment Types

This course covers general freight, factors in determining freight class, load permits, load specifications, consigner and consignee procedures, freight broker regulations, equipment types, trailer specifications, and more.

Freight Dispatching

This course tackles the load process, shipper credit checks, freight dispatching paperwork, negotiating load rate, freight dispatcher tools and software, tips and tricks of freight dispatching, and more.

Finding Freight

This course contains information on how to find shippers and freight on particular niche. You will learn the proven strategies in securing your shippers list.

Government Freight

This course includes handling and managing government freight like military freight, how to become a GSA approved freight transportation service provider, how to become postal service supplier, and more.

Safety Checks

This course teaches how to ensure safety in all freight transactions. Learn the safety check procedures that you have to take on before, during, after each transaction.


This course teaches you how to develop a niche market and find the right customer, business networking, customer relation management, competitor sales strategy, freight rate negotiation, customer relationships, and more.


This course comprises lessons on how you can protect yourself as an agent, freight claim and how to process one, documents needed for claims, consignee and shipper responsibilities, carrier responsibilities, and more.

Sales + Review

This course will help you review your sales strategies and further improve your freight brokering business.

Sales + Teams

This course covers what it takes to successfully create a sales team, what management styles work, how to up sales systems, commission structure, and more.


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